Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Reversing Machine comes to Leeds

An exhibition designed by artists Sam Belinfante and Simon Lewandowski will be on display at The Tetley, Leeds, from January 25.

The Reversing Machine is an exhibition focused on a mechanical device which operates objects attached to it for a set amount of time and then reverses the process for the same amount of time.

The machine was commissioned in 2012 by Art Laboratory Berlin and has expanded into an ongoing research project.

Devices driven by machine include adapted record players, household light fittings, slide projectors and a variety of sculptural objects.

Central to the installation is a pair of turntables driven by the machine which play a repertoire of specially composed vinyl records.

The Reversing Machine will be on display at The Tetley from January 25 to March 2.

Visit: www.thetetley.org

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