Saturday, 26 April 2014

Rachel Adams set to move in to The Tetley

The work of artist Rachel Adams will be on display at The Tetley, Leeds, from May 12.

Expanding upon her interest in modernist furniture design, How to Live in a Flat displays a series of new sculptural works which examine the motifs and contradictions of the highly functional furniture design of the 1930s, the era from which The Tetley building dates.

Adams will return to the exhibition at weekends throughout the project to rearrange the show, adding and removing artworks from the display.

Guest artists will also be invited by Adams to re-design, animate and live in the exhibition space over the course of the project.

How to Live in a Flat will be on display at The Tetley from May 12 to June 15.


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  3. The modernist design of the majority of Rachel’s works shows the taste of a great master. The implementation of her ideas has an unusual way.

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